Beauty through letters

Both photos from inkstomp

I love letter based artworks. I suppose it makes sense, since i am constantly in the middle of a book, and books make up a large part of our home furnishings (sofa:1, books:1000) any sort of print that makes a beautiful use of words, i love it! I bought the boy the above print for Valentine's day - it seemed a fitting message at this point in our lives! It is 'an original, hand-carved, inked, and printed linocut piece' from Inkstomp on Etsy . They do a range of phrases and a range of fonts, in pretty much whatever colour you like.

I have a pinterest board of wedding stationary, as our very talented friend Alexander6 is going to design all of our stationary for us as his gift, and this will become his inspiration board. You will see a whole lot of lovely fonty stuff! The boy and i love all these examples gathered from around the internet. However, i've also collected a few wonderful handwritten envelope examples.


Lindsay Letters

Well these little lovelies have me very inspired. I know that Alex will make something amazing, and i would hate to shove that in an envelope, pick up the nearest biro and scrawl an address out in my tiny handwriting, Alex's work deserves to be wrapped and delivered beautifully! So, i have bought myself a calligraphy pen and practice book, and maybe by next year i might be able to write an address as beautifully as this! (maybe)

Callligraphy Deposit

Yesterday i paid a visit to Print Club London with my colleague Linda Scott, and got to see the huge screen printing machines in action. I have to admit i still don't really know how it all works, something to do with exposing screens? yep. But they do full day beginners workshops that teach you everything you need to know, so between my fonts, and Linda's bubble writing (she wrote How To Be The Best Bubble Writer In The World Ever, dontcherknow!) i reckon we could print something rather lovely!

Watch this space for a Lomography x Print Club project coming soon!

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