DIY Ombre Hair Tutorial

Regular readers will know i've been thinking about ombre-ing my hair for a while. Inspired by bloggers such as Zoella i finally did it, and I love it! I didn't go too blonde at the tips, since i wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, but i'm really pleased with the dark golden blonde i've got.

I used Jerome Russell B-Blonde powder bleach high lift, it was really simple to mix up, didn't smell at all, and was super easy to apply.

Everyone's development times are different, so please, if you want to try this yourself DO NOT follow my timings, i'm only putting them here so you can see proportionally how long i left things on for. I was surprised how quickly the bleach worked on my hair though, the box said 20 - 90 minutes, and within 10 minutes i could see a good difference! I guess it's because curly hair is always dry, and it's driest at the ends. I get through so much conditioner!

1. I have a lot of layers in my hair (so the natural curl does it's thing, and doesn't give me a triangle head) so i tied up the top layers, as i knew i only wanted the bottom inch or two to get bleached. This left me with a single layer of hair to work with - much easier!

2. I put bleach on the bottom inch of my hair, by twisting the hair around my fingers in sections. The last thing i wanted was a really clear line between the blonde and the brown, so this way ensured a soft effect. I left this on for 20 minutes, by which point i could already see a change in the colour.

3. I then put on another layer of bleach, covering the first layer and going another inch higher. Again, this is in an effort to create a gentle fade from brown to blonde. Or, as you might say, an ombre effect!
I left this on for a further ten minutes.

4. Then i rinsed it all out, conditioned it, and left it to dry naturally

So, what do you reckon, was it a good hair dare?

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