Dynamic views for Blogger

Wow, Blogger (which this little blog lives on) has just announced seven new dynamic views! Or, in other words, some fancy pants new templates that give a lot more usability options than the traditional flat layout (which this blog is currently using).

Typical! Just as i get to being mostly happy with how my blog looks (thankyou so much for the feedback and compliments) they throw in a HUGE game changer that the digital marketer in me jut can't resist! I'll definitely be having a play around with these new features over the coming weeks.

Blogger seems to be really pulling it's socks up recently, with an updated CMS interface, and now this. I think more and more small businesses will decide to use blogger for their sites, as the new features are so up to date with how we interact with the internet today, and definitely swimming in the same pond as a wholly self developed and designed site, which may be out of their budget. Of course, if you can design and build your own house it's going to be the best possible thing for you, but if you can't afford that and are looking for some rented accommodation, this is the most luxurious, flexible option, and you even get to paint the walls!

When i set this blog up i had a hard time choosing between Blogger or Wordpress or Tumblr, finding each of them restrictive for different reasons. I'm glad i chose Blogger now!

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Robert said...

I decided I really didn't like this.

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