October Fashion: Is Black The New Black?

 Ok, her shirt is navy, but it's verrrrrrry similar to my new best black shirt. You get the gist!

A couple of summers ago i made a concious decision to stop wearing black. You know, you go through a dark winter of moody black and come out blinking into the summer sunshine looking washed out and tired. So, i banished black, and that whole summer didn't wear any black at all.

Although i have brought black in - a blazer here, some tights there, i haven't ever really gone back to black. I still feel uneasy buying it, thinking i'm doing myself a disservice, and i ought to be jazzing around in lovely bright colours.

Black shirt, £35, River Island

Until, that is, i tried on (and bought) an oversize black military shirt in River Island. Um, hello?! Last traces of tan shown off to perfection, hair looking warm and shiny, jewellery popping perfectly. Black, where have you been all (the last two years of) my life?

Source: weheartit.com via Heidi on Pinterest

OPI Nail Laquer in matte and gloss black 

Pussybow playsuit, £35, ASOS

Source: google.com via Heidi on Pinterest

So, dear reader, what do you think? Is black the new black?


Kat said...

Ha, coincidental you should say you quit black two years ago -- I did as well! When I left my gothy black hair behind me (srsly -- take a look at the old pics on FB if you don't believe me) and went to a more natural blonde, I decided that was it for me and black clothes.

But a pair of black jeans, and a black blazer here...and cripes, I have somehow ended up wearing head to toe black the past two days. It's funny how you can fall in and out of love with some things.

littlemisslove said...

ooh i'll definitely hunt out those black hair pics! if you look at my very oldest pics i too am sporting a jet black blog - very cabaret!

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