Hello again my feathered friend!

Well, where the hell did January go? It's been so busy, getting big W day plans rolling, and starting up a fresh new year at Lomography. I have tons of exciting projects on the go this year, including a six month olympic exhibition at the Museum Of London, a collaboration with Rock My Wedding and a ton of exciting Fashion Week stuff next week. A new year is of course a chance for a new start, but planning out a big year for a big company takes a lot of brain space, so sorry i've been absent! Here's a few nice things from my iphone...

1. I found this amazing Rabbit night light in a shop in East Dulwich, and it now sits proudly in our living room. Best £5 i ever spent, and it will fill the rabbit shaped whole in my decor until i can justify buying the porcelain version 

2. Yup, i now manage Ireland as well, to be sure!

3. I'm dreaming of spring, and while it's not time to crack out pastel rolled up jeans, turqouise converse and a vest top just yet, coral make-up is making me happy. I bought 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Peace - which really is that scary orange colour in the tube, but comes out a pretty peachy pink sheer colour. I also got Rimmels 60 Second nail polish in Instyle Coral to go with it. Of all the nail polish brands i really recommend Rimmel for staying power, it just stays chip free for sooooo long!

4. Ideas, plans and dreams! This is probably the best bit of W planning, we're not fretting about budgets and bills, we're just soaking up ideas and working out together what kind of a day we'd like, what's important (venue, food, dress) and what's not (£800 cake)

So there you go, just a little update! I also have no less than THREE DIY projects on the go right now, a knitted snood, a piece of wall art and a quilt, so more on those soon!

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