Introducing A Little Bear

well, a lot has happened since my last post! One of the biggest has been the arrival of this little guy....

He has a real name, but for the purposes of blogging I will call him bear. He is now eight weeks old, and every day (and night!) is a total learning curve. As expected, caring for him and keeping him happy us the biggest challenge of our lives, so over the coming weeks I thought I'd share a few things that make every day a little bit easier, starting with the Close Caboo Carrier...

Before bear arrived I knew I wanted to get a carrier for him. Living in London without a car means I spend a lot of time on the tube and bus, and often you can't get on with a buggy if it's full of people or there are buggies already on board.
I did lots of research, and found that the baby bjorn style 'crotch danglers' are not considered good for the baby. I knew I wanted a wrap style and asked around, lots of people recommended the caboo.

I've used it a lot, both out and about and at home. It's super comfy, as the weight is well spread across your shoulders and back. Bear loves it - even if he's really worked up and crying he calms right down and usually falls asleep, as he feels cosy and snuggled in and can hear my heartbeat. I've even done the washing up with it on! It's a great halfway between a fully structured carrier and a wrap, and so has all the snuggly benefits of a wrap, but is almost as easy to put on and take off as a structured carrier, here's a how to that i found helpful....

I won't use this forever, as the little guy gets bigger and stronger i want to move onto something with more structure (i have my eye on a Tula) but it is so brilliant as a way to get him from A to B that he actually enjoys in these early days. If you're looking for a baby carrier but feeling flummoxed by the millions available, i really recommend the Close Caboo!

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