Scream Screen!

There are so many amazing things for mums and babies to do around here, I don't think I could get through them all if I tried! From classical music concerts to zumba classes, there's really something for everything. It's fab, I'm getting to know lots of new areas, and lots of new Mums.

A friend invited us along to Scream Screen at Greenwich Picture House today. It's a special daytime screening aimed at parents, where babies are welcome. The lights are left on, you can spread out blankets and car seats and crying babies are not a problem. We saw Boyhood, it was perhaps a little optimistic to take the babies to a 2hour 45minute film, but they were generally pretty chilled. Bear sat happily on my lap for the first half, had a bit of a cry, then had a nap in the sling for the second half. I call that a success!

It was just so nice to do an 'adult' thing without worrying that we were bothering people, plus I could have totally fallen asleep in the comfy cinema seat!

So what other films are good at the moment? I'm totally out of touch, recommendations please!

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