Raindance Film Festival Party at Soho House

Lomography are a partner for this years Raindance - Europe's biggest independent film festival. I have been covering various events from the festival in the magazine, and we threw a big public party with them.

Last Thursday the chaps from Raindance held a private party at Soho House for all the partners involved in the festival. There were about 30 people there, including the marketing team from yahoo, lots of film people and Rankin, who shot the festival image.

It was my first time at Soho House, and now I am trying to work out if I can stop eating, and pay for membership there instead? I really like the laid back luxury vibe, and the wine! My close friend Alex is currently over from New York so he came with me- he did point out the genius fact that most of the houses have a gym, so j could just pay for membership there instead of at the usual gym? GENIUS!

My photos are a bit crappy (I was much more interested in catching up with alex than adjusting settings) so here's a googled one just to show you what the bar interior looks like, and how I would quite like my dream house to look!

Photo Source

Have you been to Soho or indeed any of the other houses? What did you think of it?

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