How To Make Covered Buttons

Hello! Here's a simple but very satisfying mini DIY project for you. I made these jumbo covered buttons for my upholstery project, which, by the way, has begun! More on that when it's finished, but let me tell you right now, it may be a little while.

You could, of course, spruce up many wardrobe staples with jazzy new buttons. Check out Valentino's Fall 2012 collection...

mmm buttons. Here's how!

You will need:
Self cover buttons - available from all haberdashers, John Lewis, or online. They are available in plastic or metal, and a wide range of sizes. The choice is yours!
Fabric scissors
Strong thread
Fabric - you really only need a tiny bit, so you can buy a fat quarter (this will be PLENTY) or use a scrap. This fabric is leftover from a fat quarter i used for another project

1. Cut a circle from the fabric

2. Sow a loose running stitch around the edge of your circle with strong thread. Do not tie off the thread when finished.

3. Place your button on the wrong side of the fabric, and gather the thread. The fabric will pull beautifully around the button. Even out any gathered sections that have created folds on the front of the button, and tie off the thread.

4. Press the back on, push into place with a cotton reel, et voila!

This really only takes a couple of minutes per button, and gives a perfectly professional finish. A very satisfying project! I know i'll be thinking twice each time i button up my clothes now, wondering if it could get a new breath of life with new buttons. Tribal print sundress with this season's acid yellow buttons anyone?


Jessica Ann said...

I love this! I have a few things that I was thinking of fancying up by adding some new buttons, but it hadn't occurred to me to make my own!

Anonymous said...

I love this Heidi! <3

littlemisslove said...

Aah thanks girls! I wasn't sure whether to post it, since it's soooo simple, but then i thought - before i knew how to do it i didn't know how simple it was, so maybe other people don't either?
i only wish the rest of the upholstery project were so simple too!

chloe rose said...

Love this post! Will have the try this :)

Alice said...

These are so cute, I'll definitely be trying them :) I love your scissors too
schadenfreude xx

littlemisslove said...

@Alice thanks for noticing, the scissors are new! Picked them up in Rolls & Rems when i was buying fabric. AND they were cheaper than the boring metal ones!

@Chloe Rose thanks for commenting! Send me a link if you put your tiny 'makeover' online!

Alice said...

Thanks for the comment :) I'll try to do a post about how I do my hair but I don't do much tbh (my hair is so awkward) other than backcomb it a bit at the roots near the front and then pin it back to the sides. But I might make a video or something :) xoxo

Minty Bit Stronger said...

this is so cute!
...I can imagine you sewing with the camera in one hand and the needle in the other!

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