How To Remove Permanent Hair Dye: A Colour B4 Review

Well, i have had quite the hair adventure. On monday we have our engagement photoshoot with Chris Barber. So, last weekend, i thought i'd put some colour on my hair to make sure it's nice and rich. I used Live Colour XXL for the first time, it was supposed to be a nice dark brown, and as you can see, it went black. Proper, gothtastic, flat, dull, blackest black. Urgh.

I consulted my friend who is a hairdresser, i tried a hot oil soak, i used anti dandruff shampoo (because it fades hair dye, who knew?) But short of a very expensive trip to the salon it seemed there was no hope. However, my googling kept bringing up a product called Colour B4.  Available from Boots and Superdrug for about £10 a box, found with the hair dye. 

Many years ago, when i was at uni,  had black hair for a while by choice. And when i wanted to get rid of it i had to use a bleach kit, which left my hair white and orange and a bit crispy. I was prepared for this to happen again, but anything would be better than black! I was also prepared to postpone the shoot, thats how much i hated this black hair! 

Here comes the science bit...

Colour B4 is different to those bleach kits, for one, it doesn't contain any bleach or ammonia. Apparently, hair dye enters the hair shaft as tiny molecules, which then swell and take colour as they oxidise. Once they have swelled they are trapped within the hair shaft, so no amount of rinsing will shift them. 

Coulour B4 shrinks the molecules, so that you can simply rinse them straight out of the hair, leaving your natural colour behind. Genius!

It goes on like a hair dye, you mix this with that, spread it through the hair, wrap it in clingfilm and leave it for an hour. It's a bit stinky, but i soon got used to it. After an hour i looked in the mirror - still black. Hmmm. I rinsed it for ten minutes (timed, this is important) and the water ran clear, no black muddy water coming out. Hmmm. After ten minutes i looked in the mirror, it was gone!! Just like that, amazing! There's then a bit more rinsing to do, and another lotion to apply then rinse off to finish. But really, it was all very easy and straightforward. 

After the Colour B4 treatment i didn't colour my hair again, it left it a lovely natural rich and even colour, as you can see. It's not any drier than it was before (it's naturally curly, so always a little frizzy)  I'm over the moon, and can't wait for our photoshoot! Now i'll be able to put these pictures up in our house forever, and see a lovely photo, not a hair mistake. 


Kay said...

Great review! I didn't know that product exist. Will def. use it in the future!


Anonymous said...

I want to colour my hair a crazier colour... pinky purple. Would this product work for that as well or is it only for more natural colours? I don't want to bleach or be stuck with a weird "after pink" colour a few weeks later :)

Anonymous said...

People need to know that this stuff does not remove permanent jet black hair dye that has been in the hair for years. It only removes new hair dye that hasn't been on for long.

Rachael said...

Will it work if id had my hair dark brown for a few months?

Anonymous said...

Great! Where can you buy this product? I am in Australia :)

Flora Amies said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I love Colour b4 - I've only used it once and i was terrified it would make my already quite frizzy hair even dryer (I have naturally curly hair too), but I was really pleased that it didn't.
Last friday I had highlights put in , which didn't suit me at all - I looked so ill! I immediately dyed over it, using a permanent 4N - biggest mistake ever, I have almost black hair too! I'm going to buy a box of colour b4 tomorrow and fix it - thanks for the reassurance and encouragement, if my hair turns out anything like yours I will be so happy!


Diana Hdz said...

Thanks for the review!

I dye my hair very frequently. About 4 months ago I got blonde highlights. Just didn't like how they looked so I dyed my hair black! After a few washes, you could see the highlights, this time brown. I want to get rid of all of the dye! Will Colour B4 help? Also, in the event that I dye it again, would it damage my hair?

Anonymous said...

I have used colour b4 last week and the resut was amazing, my hair became brown after been more than 5 years black. however, now it's again black!!! why happends this???

John Dudley said...

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