Design Inspiration: Stylish Free Fonts

As previously mentioned, i love a well designed font. The font used makes such a huge difference to the way a written message is perceived, and there's not much i like better than discovering a new beauty to download!

I was having a read back through the well of web design inspiration that is Pugly Pixel, and found a link to Font Squirrel - a brilliant site with some great free fonts.

If you've never downloaded a font, don't be scared! It's very simple. Just click the download button, and it will appear as a zipped folder in your downloads. Open the zipped folder, open the .otf file, and on both mac and pc you should see an 'install font' button. Click it, done! If you have word or PS or whatever open at the time, you may need to close and reopen it before seeing your new font in the menu. You'll never want to use a boring standard font again!

At the moment i'm planning lots of crafty design projects, many of which include text in one way or another, so having access to some stylish fonts that convey the kind of mood i want is absolutely brilliant.

Fonts used in the image above: Lobster and Quicksand (dash)

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