LomoWall @ Museum of London : The Making Of

Oh my gosh! Looking back through my past posts, i don't think i ever actually wrote much or shared the photos of the project i worked on for the last year! Seriously, this project has taken up some part of every one of my working days, and many of my weekends and evenings too. I guess i got so overwhelmed with actually doing it i didn't take time to document it for you, my lovely readers!

So, this all started in 2011, when i met Anthony, the Head of Communications at the Museum Of London. We got chatting about my work at Lomography, and initially we discussed doing a little digital project to promote the Museum to the Lomography community. Fast forward a year, and we built this...

Yup, that's me there with my trusty staple gun and brilliant colleagues. That's 30,000 individual photographs, all shot on film, submitted by people from 32 countries and pieced together into four huge LomoWalls. We also documented the paralympic athletes in training. Here are some more snaps of the making of...

I was interviewed and filmed officially opening the exhibition for the ChoccyWoccyDooDah programme on the Good Food Channel, so watch out for me on that soon, and you can read another interview with me about the project on the Huffington Post.

The exhibition is at the museum until January 2013, and is free to go and see, so go take a look and let me know what you think!


Conni said...

i love your blog, and your photos are awesomes (sorry for my english, I speak spanish hehe)

littlemisslove said...

Hi Conni, i only just saw this message! Thankyou so much for your kind comments x

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