Diana F+ Camera Tips

It is a well known fact around these parts that amongst all my analogue snappers i have a real soft spot for the Diana F+. It was my first analogue camera, and that christmas present led to a year of happy shooting, and now an awesome job (and quite a few more cameras!) So, here are a few of my tips for using this lovely little thing.

1. Use colour negative 800 film

Here in the UK the light is never that brilliant. I find 800 film is the best to achieve that soft dreamy look that everyone loves so much.

2. Trash your film

Open the back of the camera a little bit halfway through a roll, when you take a roll out rub it between your fingers so the paper screws up a bit and light sneaks in the ends, carry it around in your bag for weeks before taking it to the lab. NEVER load your film in a darkened room. Lightleaks galore!

3. Expose, expose again

One of the first 'technical' questions i asked analogue master Adam Scott  was 'if i do a double exposure, does the first or the second shot show through more?'
Since then more than a handful of Lomographers have asked me the same thing on twitter. The answer is - whichever is brightest. Simple when you think about it! So shots of clouds or trees double exposed with a person are total classics - you get a great texture from the light peeking through the clouds or trees, and a ghost of a person in between. Schweet!

Hope one or two of these tips is helpful, i'll do more soon!


Z said...

Some great ideas! Is there any 800 film you recommend?

littlemisslove said...

Well I always use lomography brand 800 actually, it's good stuff and easy for me to get hold of! Aside from that Fuji film is always good, but I've not tried their 800 (if they even make it still?!)

Z said...

Thats great!
Will have to get my hands on some. Only recently tried using lomography film, but will have to invest in some 800 film.

Michelle said...

This was so helpful, thanks so much!

albina N muro said...

try this ~! HD Video Camera

flutterhappy said...

Just got my hands on a Diana F+ camera, haha. Still getting used to it. It feel's awkward having the shutter lever on the lens itself.

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